Bridging the Silences

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

A chronicle of the extraordinary lives of eight great grandparents who lived between 1840 and 1945. Among them…

Please join my exploration of the many stories of these lives, and maybe help me solve some mysteries.

The Swan and Ingalls Families of England and Massachusetts

Having previously traced the ancestry of great grandfather Henry Edson Swan back to Silas Swan and Silas Kenworthy (Vermont, Ohio, Minnesota and California), we now move back to earlier generations. Our Swan ancestry goes back to colonial Massachusetts and Yorkshire England as shown below. (Another link we have to Yorkshire, England is in the ancestryContinue reading “The Swan and Ingalls Families of England and Massachusetts”

The Johnston and Winter Families of New Jersey and New York

We previously discussed 2nd great grandfather Dr. James Gordon (1838-1912) of Newburgh, New York.  He was from Northern Ireland and his parents James Gordon and Susan McClughan originated from Edinburgh, Scotland.  There is no earlier trace of this branch of the family. But there is quite a bit of information on the other half ofContinue reading “The Johnston and Winter Families of New Jersey and New York”

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